Get Involved

Join us in creating a more environmentally friendly and healthier future by transforming our food system. Whether you’re a concerned individual, a city councilor, or a member of a health or educational institution, your contribution can make a significant impact. Get involved by joining our team of passionate  advocates, participating in our educational campaigns, or volunteering for our initiatives.

Together, we can drive meaningful change towards a more sustainable food system. Start making a difference today by contacting us, attending our events, or sharing our contact information with your network. Every individual’s action counts in our journey towards a low emission, more plant-based sustainable food system!

Talk to City Councils

Join our mission to advance municipal food policies, focusing on plant-based solutions for a sustainable future. Our expertise in Canadian municipal systems empowers citizens and governments to champion eco-friendly food choices.

While many cities have Climate Action Plans, they often overlook the reduction of food emissions, a gap we are currently addressing. Municipal councils, as key influencers in environmental policy, can lead by example in their facilities and events, by increasing plant-based options. 

We specialize in working with city councilors to draft and pass motions and policies that promote sustainable food procurement in municipal events and facilities, aligning with climate strategies and action plans. By advocating for this shift in food systems, we can assist in contributing to significant reductions in consumption-based emissions, driving positive change in your municipality. 

Talk to Hospitals

The Canada Food Guide recognizes that “in Canada, vegetable and fruit intakes are consistently low.” 1,2  It also notes that Canadians consume more animal proteins than advised by the Food Guide. Scientific literature produced by  The EAT Lancet Commission on Food, Planet, Health3 echoes the same findings, and outlines that North Americans consume far too much meat and dairy to be considered sustainable. See a summary and video of the Planetary Health diet. 4,5

The Canadian Food Guide states, “Foods and beverages offered in publicly funded institutions should align with Canada’s Dietary Guidelines.”  Institutions can be leaders in teaching and serving healthy plant-based meals to patients, visitors, and staff.

Join us in urging hospitals and healthcare systems to revamp their menus and dietary guidance in accordance with the latest evidence supporting both patient well-being and planetary health.