Meet The PBCM Board

Eleanor Carrara, MBA, B.Sc.

Previously a senior leader at a global telecommunications provider, Eleanor has shifted her energy and focus to environmental work related to climate change mitigation. Based in Montreal, Eleanor’s goal is to motivate institutions across Canada to lower their food emissions and to inspire impactful rapid actions for a more sustainable future. She has successfully led the Canadian University Initiative since 2020.

Karry Eilers, B.A.

Karry is a retired IT Project Manager with a B.A. in Computer Science from SFU. A lifelong passion for nature and the environment has become the inspiration for her to seek ways that we can all improve our current planetary climate situation. Karry spends her free time walking/hiking with her dog and finding amazing plant-based recipes to cook.

Brian Labatte, MBA, B.A.

As a senior Montreal based leader in the energy sector, Brian has spearheaded business development, engineering teams, legal trade cases, and product innovation. He is a founding member of the Good Judgement Project, a prominent group in forecasting political and economic trends. Brian enjoys outdoor sports and hiking with his dogs in Vermont.

Stacy Neilson, BScN, RN

Stacy, a Registered Nurse specializing in Critical Care, is an active member of several professional committees and associations. She brings with her diverse experience from three provinces in both urban and rural settings. Committed to fostering systemic change, Stacy firmly believes in the necessity of a shift towards plant-based diets for the betterment of both population and planetary health. 

Picture of Dr. David Steele, President at Earthsave Canada

Dr. David Steele, Ph.D.

David is a molecular biologist retired from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of British Columbia. He has also held faculty positions at Cornell and Queen’s Universities.  Dr. Steele is a frequent public speaker and a regular contributor to Earthsave Canada’s publications. He is also an occasional contributor to various other publications.